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We run an international team of 10 wedding celebrants, mostly based in Cannes and Nice on the French Riviera, but also with members in London, Lausanne, Lugano and Perpignan.


Each year we organize a wide variety of wedding ceremonies on the French Riviera, which are essentially all ‘made-to-measure’, taking into account the backgrounds, languages and cultural traditions of the Bride and Groom. We specialize in creating ceremonies which have a really strong personal feel to them.

Peter Madan and his team perform both religious and non-religious ceremonies, in keeping with the Bride & Groom’s convictions. We work very closely together with the Bride and Groom to help bring out all the elements that are important to them, so that the ceremony is a true reflection of who they both are.


The team performs ceremonies in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian, or a mixture, and often incorporating elements from Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Scottish traditions, to make each ceremony into a truly unique and special experience, to be remembered forever.


We also specialize in tailor made ceremonies for:-


Renewing of your Marriage Vows

and  also

Baby and Child Presentation ceremonies




        So do feel free to contact Peter or Sherry-Lynn personally

to discuss what you would like to do:


                                          Rev. Pastor Peter Madan




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